2020 February Issue: Nanomagnetics


2020 April Issue: Biochips


2020 June Issue: Advances in Microfluidic Automation and Manipulation


2020 August Issue: Advanced Nanotechnology Education


2020 October Issue: Promoting Nanotechnology Safety


  • “Environmental Health and Safety of Nanotechnology [The Editors’ Desk]”

Bing Sheu, Chang Gung University, Taiwan;

Xiaoning Jiang, North Carolina State University, USA.


  • “Thinking Systematically About the Online Academic Experience [Highlights Senior Editor, Chao-Sung Lai]”

Mikhail A. Kats, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.


  • Promoting Nanotechnology Safety [Guest Editorial]

Dominick Fazarro, University of Texas, USA.


  • “Characterization of Nanoparticles for Nanomaterial Environmental Health and Safety Studies”

Richard J. Matyi, Florida Polytechnic University, USA;

Robert I. Maccuspie, MacCuspie Innovations, USA.


  • “Progress and Upcoming Challenges of Nano-Safety”

Walt Trybula, Texas State University, USA;

Deb Newberry, Newberry Technology Associates, USA.


  • “The NMT Capstone Semester”

Joseph R. Wright, Drexel University, USA.